Early Pregnancy Class

You are expecting! Whether you are pre-conception, trying to concieve, or newly pregnant this class will prepare you for the amazing pregnancy journey ahead.

Complete Comprehensive Childbirth Education

This 10 week course is the most up to date childbirth education class you can take! You will learn the nuts and bolts of childbirth, nutrition, relaxation, exercise, comfort measures, and so much more.

Sibling Preparation Course

Want to prepare your children for the upcoming new baby? This class will be customized for your family on age appropriate levels to help them prepare for a new sibling.

Reboot Refresher Course

Have you had a natural childbirth? Are you expecting again? This is the class for you!


A few of our sweet clients left us some thoughts

I did not think I needed a doula when we had our first baby, but man was I wrong. I did not even know what a doula did. Bethany was so amazing, first she knew my birth plan and was able to use her medical background as a nurse to inform me on ALL my decisions, even the ones I did not know I had. Second, she taught my husband how to help me. At the beginning he was helpful, but as soon as things got hard, he was not sure what to do. She showed him how to help and it empowered him, he was an integral part of the process because she coached him. I would highly recommend Bethany as your Doula!

Brianne Shaw (April 2015)

It was great meeting with Bethany a few weeks before my due date to go over expectations and desires for my birth. I felt like she really wanted to make it all about me and what I wanted. She wanted me to be able to look back on my birth story and feel good about it. She was very supportive and encouraging during labor. It was great having her there to be a cheerleader and try to make me as comfortable as possible. I didn't even notice Bethany taking pictures during the labor and delivery, but she actually took a ton, which I was really happy about because I really wanted photos. I enjoyed talking to Bethany post-birth as well. Its so helpful to be able to say out loud what you are thinking those first few weeks postpartum and Bethany is a great listener and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Bethany!

Nicole (November 2015)

Taylor and I both wanted to thank you again for your help and support during my labor and birth. He keeps commenting how much more comfortable he was during the process, especially coming home midday and walking and everything, than if we'd been going it on our own. I agree and I'm so glad we were able to choose to come home and relax (and eat!) and feel good about that choice. In retrospect it was absolutely the right thing for us. I think it put me in a much better mindset for when we went back for the real deal.

Taylor and Becky (June 2016)