Birth Boot Camp 10 Week Comprehensive Course

Complete Childbirth Education- $395

Birth Boot Camp is the best Childbirth Class in the industry. It will teach you how to have an amazing birth. This course uses evidence based information to help you and your partner make informed decisions around your pregnancy, labor, and birth.  You will spend lots of time learning comfort measures, and hands on techniques to help you through labor. Birth videos, hands on practice, and relaxation will be included each week.

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Topics include

  • Birth Goals: Setting your intentions for birth
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Stay healthy and being active throughout your pregnancy
  • Choosing a Care Provider and developing a trusting relationship with them
  • Supporting Arms: lots of hands on practice for your partner in how to support you through labor
  • The Science of Labor and Birth
  • Immediate Postpartum period and beyond
  • Newborn Care
  • 3.5 hours Breastfeeding course online taught by IBCLC

There are multiple class options available. Please contact us to find out which class is the best fit for you! Bethany teaches childbirth education in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Ft. Collins, and surrounding areas. Bethany is a RN and teaches from an unbiased and evidenced based practice perspective. Sign up now! 


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CLASS SCHEDULE- it doesn’t matter where you are birthing, join us for any of these upcoming series! A good time to prepare for childbirth through Birth Boot Camp is between 18-30 weeks.

Fall/Winter Babies:

   October 12- December 15, 7-930pm: Bethany’s home in Longmont

Winter/Spring Babies:

January 15- March 19, 2018: Bethany’s Home in Longmont 

Sign up here! 

Wondering about the Hospital Class, the Out of Hospital Class or the 10 week series? Visit these other childbirth education pages to find the perfect class for you! 


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