• How to Choose a Care Provider for your Pregnancy and Birth?

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    The number on thing to a successful and happy pregnancy and birth journey is choosing a care provider that you trust and who shares your goals regarding birth. Unfortunately the number one reason this doesn’t happen is that the patient doesn’t realize until it is too late that their goals are actually quite different; and then they feel stuck. How do you ensure that you can develop a long lasting and trusting relationship with your provider?

    Here’s a few questions when finding a OB-GYN or Midwife that fits your needs:

    1. Tell me about your practice, how many providers, how do you all take call, and who will be with my when it is time for birth? Do you all have the same policies/procedures?
    2. How long will each appointment be and how will I get to know everyone in the practice?
    3. How do you feel about natural birth? Do most of your clients have epidurals? What other pain management options do you have for labor and birth?
    4. Does your practice do VBACs and if so what are your statistics?
    5. How do you feel about waterbirth? What about intermittent monitoring? What evidence or research do you all use to make your decisions?
    6. What positions do most of your mothers push in?
    7. How long will you allow my pregnancy to go? 40 weeks? 41 weeks? 42 weeks?
    8. If there is a test or procedure I don’t feel comfortable with, how do you handle that?
    9. How do you feel about doulas? How many support people would be allowed in the OR should I need a cesarean birth?


    In my experience there is no bigger factor in a positive pregnancy and birth experience than the provider. Too many moms don’t find out until after the fact that the person that is caring for them really has different goals and opinions. Feeling supported and cared for during your birth experience is imperative to a positive view on your birth.

    Do your research, take Birth Boot Camp and be prepared for an AMAZING birth! If you are looking for providers in the Longmont, Boulder, Loveland area feel free to contact us. 


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  1. Choosing a care provider can make or break your birth! Great tips!

  2. Paige says:

    Great tips to choosing a care provider!

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