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     Being a childbirth Educator in Boulder, Longmont, and the surrounding areas I know I am a bit biased. However, as a doula and an RN I have worked with many families and believe SO heavily in the power of education- I became a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.

    Birth Boot Camp is a childbirth education course that offers all kinds of childbirth education. From a full 10 week childbirth course, a sibling birth class, to a reboot and refresher childbirth education course. I chose to certify with Birth Boot Camp because I believe they provide the most up to date, evidenced based information so that couples can make informed decisions regarding everything in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.  Each week we learn labor comfort measures, practice relaxation, discuss pregnancy/labor/birth and watch birth videos. These classes put tangible information and tools in the hands of mom and dad to have an amazing birth.

    There is so much to know, how can you know it all? The great thing is- you don’t have to. By taking Birth Boot Camp you will gain the tools necessary to make decisions as they come. You will gain the skills to use comfort measures and tools throughout labor to help you have the most amazing birth. You will learn how to work with your partner- through communication, labor practice, relaxation, and homework together so that together you can birth your baby. Birth Boot Camp also teaches about pregnancy, labor/birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period- no need to take 4 different classes anymore!

    As a Boulder County doula I have worked with a many clients who thought they would just use the advice and expertise of their care providers to navigate the pregnancy and birth experience. While these people care for you and your baby- they do not always have the same goals around birth. I will say it again and again. The number one factor that affects your birthing experience is who you choose to birth with. I believe in this so much I spend an entire class talking about it. I have seen a night and day difference with clients who have taken a childbirth education course, and those who have not. As a doula I can advocate and encourage families to make decisions that stick to their goals and value system; however, if the family is not armed with the education they need, they are not able to make informed decisions for themselves. It is power through education.  Are you ready to educate yourself?

    Sign up for a Boulder or Longmont Birth Class today!

    Birth Boot Camp, Boulder Birth Class, Longmont Birth class, boulder childbirth education, lamaze, bradley, boulder doula, longmont doula, natural birth

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  1. Teresa kellogg says:

    Your birth boot camp sounds super informative! Do you go over birth fear & how to overcome mental obstacles? I am not pregnant yet but after my first birth, I find I am already super scared for the next time!

    • Bethany Melton says:

      Yes absolutely! Through the course of 10 weeks we are able to cover emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to birth; all so important!

  2. Rebecca says:

    It sounds like a really great program! I will have to find out if my area has such a wonderful birth education program.

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