• When Mothering is Hard….

    There are days where being a mom is just plain hard. You spend your whole life waiting and waiting to be the most perfect, loving, thoughtful mother; and then reality strikes and you are impatient, tired, overworked, under-thanked, and just plain unhappy.

    We spend 9 (sometimes 10) glorious- or not so glorious months incubating our little babes; we sweat, cry, push, we agonize over birthing them, we cuddle, stay up all night, get puked on, peed on, pooped on; over and over again. But yet, this amazing unrelenting love, never gives up. But what about when it’s just plain hard? When you are just so tired you can’t see straight. When you just finished emptying the full sink, and its full- again. This is not glorious, no one would in their right mind sign up for this. A 24/7 house-keeper, food maker, chauffeur, butt wiping, snot chasing babysitter; but we do- and we love it.

    This is the trenches of motherhood. Where our selfishness, our ugliness rise to the surface as we want to scream back to the fit throwing toddler, “I don’t care what color cup you want.” We see our humanness in ways we never have. But we also see our SUPERHERO powers. Who else can survive on little to no sleep for months at a time and still love the very thing which causes the deprivation…A Mother…

    Who else can chases three children through a store, wanting to pull her hair out; and then fall in love all over again at bedtime while reading stories… A Mother

    Who else can get puked on while waiting in line for lunch out at the mall and very quietly calm the upset child and pick up all four other kids while running to the bathroom….A Mother

    Who else can get the chicken cooked, while rocking the baby on the hip, while simultaneously keeping the toddler from killing the cat…..A Mother

    Who else can love your kids, like you can…but A Mother.


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       Here’s to you moms- when life is hard. When you feel like the young days will never end. I hear they will- (sometimes I’m not sure I believe it.) Here’s to the SUPERHERO job you are doing, even if you feel like you are failing, you are enough, because;

    You are their MOM.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Well said!!!

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