• Why you should take a live childbirth class

    There are so many great options when it comes to childbirth education. You can even take full classes online as well. This is great option for those who just can’t make a 10 week course work, either due to work or husband schedule or a full calendar. However, there are many great benefits to a live class that I see, that you won’t get in an online course.

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     1. A live course first off, is live. Which means it can be more tailored to your specific needs and learning styles. It is way more interactive and can go in depth where you feel your need is, versus what you already know. Tailored to fit your birth style or place you will get the most possible out of it.

    2. A live course is filled with other birthing couples. As an instructor my favorite way to teach is actually letting other do the teaching. By being in class with multiple couples you get to hear different perspectives and other opinions on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is a great way to hear what others are doing, as well as grow your own parenting journey.

    3.  A live course is the best way to grow your village. Your village is one of the most important resources you will ever have in this amazing journey called parenting. Meeting other families, mamas, and babies will help grow your village as you move further into the journey.  Come grow your village with us! Sign up for a live class near you! 


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